Wintergreen Pest Control

Available for Annual Program Clients Only

Pests are uninvited guests. They can carry disease, contaminate food, damage furnishings, cause structural damage, exterior damage to siding, decks, trim, retaining walls and stairs and contribute to allergy and health problems.

What makes Mountain Services, Inc different:

  • Frequency
  • Consistency
  • Professionalism
  • Availability (24/7)
  • Follow-up

Mountain Services, Inc is committed to using effective pest control solutions. We believe in a holistic approach that merges education, philosophy, and training with good, old-fashioned, common sense. Our pest control program is successful due to weekly follow-up visits that allow us to track, trap and remove the pests in your home. We provide Quarterly Spraying and Weekly Trapping for a reasonable annual fee for our property management clients only.

Contact us today and preserve your Wintergreen investment for a lifetime.

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