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Building a home or trying to run a major renovation from hours away? Worrying over the design process or have questions or need ideas? Need things to run smoothly, but not 100% sure trusting a contractor is a good idea? Concerned that your current decor and furniture won’t be cared for during the process? Lying awake wondering if the shower can be bigger or the deck will hold a hot tub?

As an A licensed contractor I have seen it all. Careful attention to detail, care of personal property and getting it right doesn’t necessarily go with the territory. As a woman, in what is traditionally a man’s arena, I bring a different perspective to most construction sites. My guys will tell you I am a nut about prep and clean up for one thing. I am also very detail oriented, design savvy and able to see the end goal.

As a consultant I can help you refine, recognize and realize your dreams of that perfect deck, gorgeous master shower or extensive update. I can not only help you plan it; I can help you manage every step.

Available via phone appointment or onsite for $95 an hour. An easy price to pay for less stress, better oversight and, in the end, a perfectly executed project.

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“While we were finalizing plans for our second home with the builder my husband was offered a 9 month transfer to Italy which was not something we wanted to turn down! We considered putting the project on hold and then found out about Nancy. Not only were we able to go ahead and build, but we did so with some wonderful design changes and absolute confidence that all would be well when we returned. And it was! She communicated beautifully, sent pictures, asked the right questions and kept things on track. Overall I think the whole experience was way easier than it would have been had we been home to handle it ourselves.”

MaryStoney Creek Homeowner
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